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the cryowerx story

As foodservice professionals and engineers, we have been thinking about the problem of fresh food accessibility for decades. Our evolution starts with our founder, who happens to be named Darwin.

It was 2010, and Darwin had stepped out of a conference for a quick bite to eat. He found himself faced with two unfavorable options: long food lines and empty vending machine calories. “Why can’t I find tasty, healthy food in under 30 minutes?!” he thought to himself.


Later, on a trip to Japan, Darwin got a taste of fresh food vending. Sleek vending machines stocked with nutritious meals stood where consumers needed them most. "This is it!” Darwin thought, "but why isn't it in other countries?" Darwin hypothesized that most cultures questioned fresh food quality and safety from a faceless vending machine.


"There has to be a solution," he thought.


Inspiration for CryoWerx came late one night in 2013 when Darwin was working as a lab manager. His lab used RFID smart stickers to automatically keep inventory of equipment. "This could be used with fresh food!" Darwin thought. He could create microstores where trusted fresh food companies could track inventory and expiration dates with smart stickers. This would allow Darwin to bring unattended fresh food retail to the global marketplace.


With this 2013 realization, the first CryoWerx microstore was born.


Today, we serve clients ranging from family owned restaurants to international foodservice firms. Our mission is to accelerate fresh food accessibility around the world.

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