How are CryoWerx Smart Fridges different from the typical vending machines?

With CryoWerx Smart Fridges, consumers can carefully inspect a food item for quality ingredients and freshness before purchase, unlike typical vending machines, where consumers are limited to viewing items through the glass.

What’s more, with CryoWerx’s innovative smart fridge technologies, consumers can just scan, grab and go.

How does it work?

Customers need to register for an account with us and pre-authorise their credit card. Once their card details are validated, they’re all set to spend in any of our fridges islandwide. Then they simply:

scan QR code with our app to unlock the door; grab their selections from the fridge; and pay for their purchases by shutting the door. Payment is deducted directly from their credit card.

How do I know that that all items taken out of the Smart Fridge are charged accordingly?

Our smart food technologies track and record all the items that enter and leave a Smart Fridge. Once the door closes, all of the items that are removed from the fridge are charged and payment is automatically deducted from the customer’s credit card.

How do I stock the Smart Fridge?

Unlock the door using your merchant account and stock your space with your fresh food. Once you’re done, close the door and you’re ready for business!

How cold is the Smart Fridge?

The temperature of all our Smart Fridges is set at 3 to 4°C.

Is the Smart Fridge equipped with humidity control?

Currently, our Smart Fridges do not have this feature.

How do you ensure that expired food items are not being sold?

Our fridge is set to operate at 3 to 4°C, below the National Environment Agency (NEA)’s stipulated danger zone of 6 to 60°C. Based on our algorithm, we calculate and accumulate the time during which the food items are in the “danger zone”, should this occur. If the total duration is near to four hours, an advisory will be displayed informing consumers that the food items are expiring, are not to be consumed and will not be charged.

What happens in the event of power failure and the food items are spoiled?

Our Smart Fridges are insured to cater to such situations. Should a power failure lasts for more than two hours, we will reimburse you for the damages.

Am I able to provide ad-hoc discounts for my items, especially for food items that are time-sensitive?

Yes, you can. Through your online dashboard, you can establish rule-based discounts for your food items, anytime, anywhere.

Do you offer other payment options besides credit cards?

Yes. We also offer personally identifiable pre-loaded card or staff card payment systems for major customer.

Is the Smart Fridge capable of heating up food?

Currently, our Smart Fridge can only store food items that are best consumed cold. There are a lot of tasty, wholesome meals that can be consumed cold, such as sushi, salads, sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, cold noodles and gazpacho.

However, if you’re planning to install the Smart Fridge in places where there is an oven or a microwave, you can always sell food items that can be reheated.

Is the Smart Fridge available in a bigger version?

Our smart fridge technology is currently applied to a single-door fridge at the moment. Two doors version is possible through special order.