More consumer touchpoints for more profits

Just because your brick-and-mortar is closed doesn’t mean that your cash till should be too. With our Smart Fridges, you can provide fresh and delicious dining options at multiple locations – anytime, anywhere – for consumers looking to grab and go.  

Real-time insights for real-time decision making

Our unique ‘smart tag’ technology tracks each item as it enters and leaves the fridge. This data is sent to your online dashboard, giving you real-time sales and inventory updates. Change your digital price tags based on demand and set up instant promos. With a couple of taps, you can minimise food wastage, save costs, increase sales and manage inventory – whenever, wherever. 

Greater customer satisfaction, greater brand loyalty

No more room to serve or no budget to hire more staff? No problem. Just load your food in our Smart Fridge, set it on display and introduce self-service. Say goodbye to long angry queues, missed sales opportunities and staff shortages, and hello to a stream of satisfied customers. 

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Deeper insights into customer buying habits

Get to know your customers better with our brand new mobile app. Find out which items have the consumers raving, learn about their nutritional preferences and discover which areas are home to your diehard fans. Use the data to magic up food that are designed to hit the spot – every time.